IC Markets的日常问题

IC Markets是澳大利亚领先的外汇经纪商。该公司成立于2007年,其意愿是为活跃的交易者提供公平透明的外汇交易。 IC Markets致力于为澳大利亚和海外的散户投资者和交易商提供以前只有专业人士和大型全球投资银行才能使用的解决方案。有关IC Markets的更多信息,请访问关于我们页面.
IC Markets is a privately owned Australian based company with headquarters in Sydney. IC Markets management team is comprised of individuals with over 20 years experience in derivate products. IC Markets founders were instrumental in the success of Australia’s largest CFD and Forex provider.
IC Markets is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and The Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA) meeting strict capital requirements.
IC Markets holds client money in top tier banks
IC Markets hold client money in segregated client trust accounts with a number of AAA rated Australian banks. We spread the client money across multiple banks to reduce the counterparty risk to any one bank.
We may collect your personal information from time to time to make further enquiries about you, including identification checks to meet our legal regulatory oblgations as well as to combat fraud. We do not sell your personal information to any third parties for marketing purposes.Our privacy policy (https://www.icmarkets-chn.com/en/company/privacy-policy) details how we handle your personal information.
Yes, we take the privacy of our clients extremely seriously and have set policy and procedures in place to safeguard the information we request from our clients. Please refer to our Privacy Policy page on the website here: https://www.icmarkets-chn.com/au/en/company/privacy-policy
We advise our clients to immediately change the passwords for their registered email with no delays and update the password of their client area as well as trading platform.
The security information must be kept private and should not be saved on a shared or public device.
Please reach our support to notify the incident so appropriate measures are applied from our end at the earliest possible.

关于在IC Markets的交易问题

IC Markets有两种MetaTrader 4账户类型,标准账户和Raw Spread账户。 IC Markets不会对标准账户收取佣金,而是将差价标记为比我们的流动性提供商收到的银行间汇率高1个点。 IC Markets Raw Spread账户显示从我们的报价提供商处收到的原始银行间差价,在此账户上我们每标准手续费为7美元.
IC Markets允许客户开设低至200美元或等值货币的账户.
IC Markets提供灵活的杠杆选择,范围从1:1到1:500。您可以通过客户专区更改交易账户的杠杆.
IC Markets允许您开设多个交易账户,通客户专区开设其他帐户.
IC Markets的开盘和收盘时间是:?
开盘时间:00:01 MetaTrader 4服务器时间(星期一)
截止时间:23:57 MetaTrader 4服务器时间(星期五)

IC Markets合约展期发生在MetaTrader 4服务器时间00:0.
为了使日常图表蜡烛与纽约收盘(美国东部时间下午5点)对齐,IC Markets服务器时间和图表在夏令时生效时为GMT + 2或GMT + 3.



The trading hours for gold (XAUUSD) are:
Opening time: 01:02 MetaTrader 4 Server Time
Closing time: 23:57 MetaTrader 4 Server Time


The trading hours for silver (XAGUSD) are:
Opening time: 01:00 MetaTrader 4 Server Time
Closing time: 23:59 (Friday 23:57) MetaTrader 4 Server Time

IC Markets提供广泛的在线教育,此外我们还定期举办各种主题的教育网络研讨会。网络研讨会的日期和时间发布在我们的网站上
IC Markets提供广泛的在线教育,此外我们还定期举办各种主题的教育网络研讨会。网络研讨会的日期和时间发布在我们的网站上。
IC Markets还提供贵金属,大宗商品,指数,期货,股票和债券的差价合约
IC Markets为客户提供多种存款方式,包括但不限于:

  • 银行电汇
  • 信用卡
  • Skrill
  • Webmoney
  • (Neteller

我们的 入金页面 有更多关于入金的详细介绍.

请通过您的客户专区提交您的提款请求。在中午AEST / AEDT中午12:00之前收到的所有提款将在同一个工作日处理。完整提款政策可在我们的网站上找到 出金取款页面
开通账户,请点击此处 开设真实交易账户 链接并填写申请表.

Under the Australian Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Act 2006 IC Markets is required to verify your identity client before opening they open a trading account.

Identification must be provided in the form of photo ID and proof of address to verify your identity.

Photo ID
• Must be clear and visible
• Must be issued by a government agency
• Name, signature, expiry date and date of birth* must be clear
* Please note IC Markets does not accept account applications from any persons under the age of 18

Proof of Address
• Must not be older than 3 months
• Must show the same name and address as your account application

Our anti-money laundering policy contains further information regarding our identification requirements.
IC Markets不支付任何相关的账户余额利息.
IC Markets does not accept US clients. US CTFC regulation prevents US clients from trading with brokers outside the US. IC Markets complies with International regulations.
IC Markets无法通过电话开设新头寸,但如果您无法平仓,请拨打+61(0)2 8014 4280致电我们的支持团队,我们将能够接受来自您.
Forex brokers use three main business models which differ in the way the transactions are handled and orders are executed: ECN, STP and Market Makers.

ECN: ECN stands for 'Electronic Communication Network', which is simply a technical term that is used to describe how banks and liquidity providers connect to each other to form bid and offer prices. In the Forex industry, it can be used to identify providers who use this type of pricing mechanism in order to offer raw interbank pricing to retail traders. Under this model your broker will stream raw prices and your trades will be offset with another client or liquidity provider, or held internally by the broker. This usually results in faster trade execution. This is distinct from order execution, which may result in an offsetting order placed with a liquidity provider.

STP: This term stands for 'Straight Through Processing' and is used when a Forex and CFD provider process all trades at market prices obtained from a liquidity provider. This price is simply passed on by the broker. This is not dissimilar to the ECN pricing model in that the price is not altered and there is no dealing desk intervention when the trade is processed; hence, it is known as STP.

Market Maker: In Australia all Forex and CFD providers, including IC Markets, have the market making authorization on their AFS licence; however, many do not consider themselves market makers. Typically, market makers operate a dealing desk in order to create their own prices. These prices can be based on their own proprietary trading positions or overall risk exposure and may not reflect the prices in the underlying market.

IC Markets is the issuer of the products it provides. We consider ourselves to be a Forex provider offering the ECN pricing model as we source our pricing from external unrelated liquidity providers. These prices are passed on to you with no dealing desk intervention. In order to provide you with better price certainty and to ensure fast execution speed, we do not hedge each and every position with our liquidity providers. We do this in order to provide you with a better overall trading experience.
When you trade with us, you are trading with IC Markets as principle, this is the case with all Forex and CFD providers globally.
We do not operate a proprietary trading book, we source our prices from external unrelated liquidity providers or directly, these prices are then passed onto you with no dealing desk intervention.
IC Markets streams prices from its liquidity providers, who, in their turn, derive those prices from the market (or exchange) in the case of share CFDs; and from banks and non-bank liquidity providers in the case of Forex. The source of the underlying market price may vary for each product.
Although IC Markets’ prices come from its liquidity providers and IC Market is not practically involved in the making of the price, it is simply streaming prices which it receives; the prices nonetheless become IC Markets’ when it provides them to clients to execute on. This is the case for all derivative products which IC Markets offers to its clients.

If you trade 100,000 (1.00)
Commission is $3.50 for opening, and $3.50 for closing; $7.00 for the full round-turn

If you trade 10,000 (0.10)
Commission is $0.35 for opening, and $0.35 for closing; $0.70 for the full round-turn

If you trade 1,000 (0.01)
Commission is $0.035 for opening, and $0.035 for closing; $0.070 for the full round-turn

On MT4 all commission charge for a position is applied at the opening of the trade.

On MT5 commission is charged per side (opening/closing).

*On MT5 the commission column is not rounded up to 3 decimal places but to 2 decimal places only. Thus, commission on a micro lot size $0.035 per side is rounded to $0.04

IC Markets is the issuer of the products it provides. Our Australian Financial Services (AFS) Licence allows us to make a market; however, we consider ourselves to be a CFD provider offering the ECN pricing model as we do not operate a proprietary trading book and source our pricing from external unrelated liquidity providers. These prices are then passed on to you with no dealing desk intervention. In order to provide you with better price certainty and to ensure fast execution speed, we do not offset each and every single position with our liquidity providers.
When you trade with us you are trading on prices streamed from our Liquidity providers which are ECN prices. IC Markets does not have a dealing desk that creates its own prices. We do not alter the price in any way, thus our pricing is considered to be “True ECN”.
Yes, we may Hedge some or all of your trades to help manage our overall risk.
We manage our overall risk based on our internal Hedging Policy.
The prices we offer are streamed by bank and non-bank liquidity providers.
IC Markets’ Australian Financial Services License allows us to make markets, this is the case for all CFD and Forex providers globally. We are not a broker to you but a Forex and CFD issuer. Simply put, acting as a principal to your trades, we are the sole counterparty that allows you to access prices streamed from our liquidity providers that supply IC Markets with the bank and non-bank pricing.

Technically, when you buy a product at IC Markets, we are selling that product to you. It is not possible for you to buy that product at the exchange directly to complete the transaction due to the attached requirements for higher trade sizes, and margin costs, etc., thus, it has to be dealt with IC Markets on a principal basis alone.

Typically, market makers are considered to be Forex and CFD providers who operate a dealing desk in order to create their own prices, these prices can be based on their own proprietary trading positions or overall risk exposure and may not reflect the prices in the underlying market. In Australia all Forex and CFD providers have market making authorization on their AFS license however many do not operate in the manner described above and do not consider themselves market makers.
All conflicts of interest can be found in our Terms & Conditions
Everything is the same as it has always been. We believe you’re referencing to one of our account types which we have recently rebranded to “Raw Spread” account.
The reason why we are one of the largest and most successful Forex CFD provider in the world is our Tight and Low Spread. Therefore we decided to communicate our strengths even better with this new account name. Nothing else changed. We decided to keep our product offerings as simple as possible for our clients to understand what exactly they’ll be receiving.
1.0 Pips on Raw Spread account. Detailed information can be found on our Spreads page here: https://www.icmarkets-chn.com/au/en/trading-pricing/spreads
0.1 Pips on Raw Spread account. Detailed information can be found on our Spreads page here: https://www.icmarkets-chn.com/au/en/trading-pricing/spreads
We do not have a dealing desk, we are not involved in creating the prices that we show you. IC Markets offer its clients with a market execution model. This means all the trades are executed at the first available price received from our hedge counterparties once an order has been triggered. Thus, we are not able to offer guaranteed executions exactly at your requested prices, we are simply streaming the prices that we receive.
The current swap rates can be found our Blog Swap Rates page here: https://www.icmarkets-chn.com/blog/metatrader-4-swaps/
Swap rates can also be found within the MetaTrader 4 platform, simply go to the market watch and right click on an instrument and select Specifications. A new window will then open and the swap rates will be displayed.
Yes, we do offer Oil as a spot and future commodity CFD product. More information can be found here: https://www.icmarkets-chn.com/au/en/trading-markets/commodities
Forex CFD providers apply triple rollover interest on Wednesday, because that's how it's applied by the banks providing liquidity to the FX market.This is because spot forex trades have a 2-day settlement period. A spot FX trade from Monday settles on Wednesday. A trade from Tuesday settles on Thursday. A trade from Wednesday settles on Friday, but a trade from Thursday settles on the following Monday.
The trade has to be rolled through the weekend, because banks are closed on Saturday and Sunday. Triple rollover interest is applied to FX trades open at 5pm New York Time on Wednesday, because that marks the beginning of the new 24-hour trading day (Thursday) in the global FX market. Important to note that, it's not always a charge and you can also earn.
IC Markets offers over 1600 Stocks CFDs. The full list can be found on our Stocks CFD product page.
A dividend adjustment is applied to take account of the ex-dividend adjustment to the index. This is the number of points by which the index price must be adjusted downwards to take account of those shares in the index which go ex-dividend at the close of the cash market. We will use the ex-dividend figure estimated by Bloomberg (E&OE), rounded to the tick size we use for that index, to determine what adjustment to apply. In the case of long positions, the dividend adjustment is credited to the client's account. In the case of short positions, the dividend adjustment is debited from the client's account.
This could possible be due to the below reasons:
- Refering to BID prices in the case of a Sell position;
- Refering to the chart prices only and not refering to the prices with set mark ups in the case of Buy positions under a Standard account.
Our team can help check this further for you should you like to reach us at support@icmarkets.com mentioning the specific aaccount and trade order details.
IC Markets Stop out level on MT4 /MT5 and cTrader platform is 50%.This means that if your account's margin level falls to or below 50% then your positions will be automatically closed.
Trading carries risks, from time-to-time market volatility can send your account into a negative balance. The latest changes will mean that you are protected from having your account go into the negative and will quickly return to a zero balance.
IC Markets offers its clients with Market Execution model.
No, we do not.
Our average execution speed is around 35 milliseconds for Forex. Our trade servers are in the Equinix NY4 data centres in New York, as we are close to our core pricing providers we have some of the best execution speeds out of any broker globally.
IC Markets does not charge any additional fees or commission for CFD indices trading.
You can do so by visiting your secure client area's "Account Details" link (https://secure.icmarkets-chn.com/AccountDetails) under "Profile" section. Simply check or uncheck the "Newsletters and special offers" option and click on "Update Information" button to submit the changes.
You can do so by visiting your secure client area. Login to click on "Daily Market Forecasts" link (https://secure.icmarkets-chn.com/Autochartist) under "Trading Tools" section. You may choose to subscribe to daily market forecasts from either Autochartist or Trading central, or both.
We do not provide FIX API anymore. You can only get FIX API from the cTrader platform. More information can be found here: https://help.ctrader.com/fix/getfix .
IC Markets offer a varied variety of partnership programs including but not limited to Introducing Brokers, Money Managers, Affiliates etc. Detailed infomation can be found here: https://www.icmarkets-chn.com/au/en/partnerships/partnerships-overview
No, a demo account comes with virtual money and is absolutely risk-free to familiarise yourself with our trading platforms and conditions without losing real money.
To add funds to your demo account, go to "Account Summary" link (https://secure.icmarkets-chn.com/Finance/AccountSummaryPage) under "Accounts" section of your secure client area. Scroll down the page to go to your "Demo Accounts" section. You can now add virtual money to your demo account by clicking on the green colored dollar ($) icon option available in the last column of the table.
IC Markets rollover occurs at 00:00 MetaTrader 4 Server Time.
Under current ASIC regulations there is no investor compensation fund in case of company insolvency. Please note however that all client funds are held in segregated trust accounts with tier one Australian banks, away from the company’s own funds. Clients with a net credit balance at the time of insolvency can be paid both from funds that are held in the segregated trust accounts and also from the company’s other available funds. Fortunately, IC Market's corporate account balance is substantial and in the very unlikely event of insolvency those funds would cover clients, we well exceed the capital requirements set by our regulators. You can also refer to section 9.3 of our Product Disclosure Statement ‘Payments to you in IC Markets Insolvency’ for more information.
Unfortunately, we are unable to offer you a personal trading advice that may impact your trading decisions. Trading Derivatives may not be suitable for all investors, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved, and seek independent advice if necessary.


外汇交易涉及买入更低,卖出更高或卖得更高,买回更低,使用杠杆意味着您可以存入少量的钱来获得与您完全买卖货币时相同的购买力。 。

举例说明,Mary将5,000美元存入她的外汇交易账户,并指定她账户的杠杆率为1:100。由于杠杆作用,Marys在她的5,000美元存款上购买电力变成了500,000美元。玛丽决定以0.99802的价格买入0.1手澳元/美元面值,3天后澳元/美元的价格为1.04069,玛丽决定平仓。玛丽利润计算为(1.04069 - 0.99802)426点。随着玛丽开出0.1手的位置玛丽获利426美元或每点1美元。

当然,如果澳元/美元兑玛丽低于其交易开盘价至0.97802玛丽将有交易损失为(0.99802 - 0.95542)426点。由于玛丽的头寸规模为0.1手,玛丽将损失426美元或每点1美元.
外汇交易者可以使用各种风险管理策略。最常见的风险管理形式是止损和限价订单的使用。止损订单可以在MetaTrader 4平台内设置,并且通常用于强制以预定价格平仓,以限制任何潜在的损失。限价订单的工作方式与止损订单的工作方式大致相同,但它们允许对支付的最高价格进行限制.

了解MetaTrader 4

“交易连接繁忙/Trade Context is Busy”是一个常见的MetaTrader 4错误,错误发生是因为MetaTrader 4无法同时处理多个请求,修复此错误只需关闭并再次打开MetaTrader 4交易平台。请阅读我们的MetaTrader 4错误代码指南,其中概述了常见的MetaTrader 4错误消息。
MetaTrader 4和MetaTrader 5 pltaforms上的图表时间反映了服务器时间,无法更改。但是,对于cTrader平台,您可以根据当地时区设置时间.
目前的隔夜利息利率可在我们的博客互换费率页面上找到。交换费率也可以在MetaTrader 4平台中找到,只需转到市场观察并右键单击产品并选择规格。随后将打开一个新窗口,并显示隔夜利息利率.
为了让EA交易在MetaTrader 4上运行,您必须单击交易终端中的EA按钮才能启用此功能。

Understanding platforms

To access the MT4 platform you will need your account number, password and server information from the email we sent you ‘MT4 Live Account Details’.
Open your MT4 platform and select File – Login to Trade Account.
In the login box enter your account number. Make sure to enter your password correctly, if you are copying and pasting make sure not to copy any extra spaces over.
From the drop down menu select the relevant server that was listed in the email.
If you cannot see the server, simply type it manually as live(server number).icmarkets-chn.com and select Login.
You’ll see your connection status update in the bottom right hand corner of the platform.
If the connections status shows ‘invalid account’, make sure your password was entered correctly. If it shows ‘no connection’, double check the server address was entered correctly.
Each cTrader user has their own unique cTID, which is a set of login details used to access the trading platform. All cTrader trading accounts are linked to just one cTID.
Your cTrader ID will be automatically created for you once your cTrader account is approved.
You will receive an email with the subject heading ‘Welcome to cTrader ID’. Select ‘Confirm cTrader ID’.
You can now sign in to the cTrader platform using your email address and the password from the welcome email.
Once you have logged in you will see your IC Markets trading account is automatically linked.
If you open an additional cTrader account, it will be automatically linked to your cTID and you will see it available the next time you login to the platform.
Please follow below steps on your mobile platform:
  • Go to settings
  • Click on trade accounts
  • Then click on the small plus sign
  • Login to an existing account
  • Search for the server
  • Select the correct server for your account
  • Enter your login credentials
This may happen if you try to connect to an incorrect server. Please select the correct server from the list while connecting to your trade account on a mobile app.
No, you cannot directly attach an EA script to a mobile MT4 or MT5 trading application.
To manually install an expert advisor on your trading platform, complete the following steps:
  • Download and save the file.
  • Identify if the file is archived or in its normal format (right click on the file and select Properties, at the top it will say if it is a MetaQuotes Language 4 file. If it is not, it is most likely an archive)
  • If the file is archived or zipped, make sure to unzip the file.
  • Now open your MT4 platform. At the menu bar, click File > Open Data Folder
  • Double click the ‘MQL4’ folder and then open the ‘Experts’ folder.
  • Now go back to where you downloaded your Expert Advisors and drag them into the open ‘Experts’ Folder.
  • Once done, close all windows.
  • Restart MetaTrader 4 platform and the EAs should appear in your ‘Navigator’ panel.
As you are trading leveraged CFD products, you can invest more than the balance you have in the account, thus the losses are magnified too. If you trade on leverage, then the face value of your trading position is more than the amount you have in your trading account. Therefore, if the market moves against your trade significantly, it could make your account balance negative.
With IC Markets, the margin call level is 100% and the stop out level is 50%. This means that, as soon as the margin level drops to 100%, you'll see a margin call that is an indication to take an appropriate measure on the account by either reducing the exposure or funding the account further. If the margin level drops further to or below 50% system will automatically start closing out positions to bring back the margin level to a reasonable level.
We can assist you in clearing your negative balance. Please contact our Client Relations department at rm@icmarkets.com
They are both established platforms in the industry. Though MT4 has been around longer and is still the most popular amongst traders, cTrader is cutting edge technology and has several additional features to the MT4. We would recommend you demo both platforms to see which one you prefer and suits your trading style. Some of the key differences are the user interface, the advanced take profit and stop loss systems, detachable charts, varying chart time frames, live sentiment and depth of market displayed by default. There is also a vast range of custom indicators and Expert Advisors readily available for MT4.
Commissions have slight differences, but all other aspects are pretty much the same.
Since our platforms host accounts on different servers, please create individual trading accounts for each platform. You will be given the option to select the desired platfom in the Client Area: https://secure.icmarkets-chn.com/OpenAccount/OpenRealAccount
To align the daily chart candles with New York close (5pm ET) IC Markets server time and charts are GMT + 2 or GMT + 3 when daylight savings is in effect. Unfortunately, the server time cannot be changed.
We would suggest to host your platform on a VPS (virtual private server). VPS servers are colocated in financial data centers, deliver ultra low latency and fast execution speed for forex trading.
Latency directly influences the amount of time it takes for a trade to interact with the market.
We are able to sponsor the basic VPS up to $35 if you meet the criteria of trading 15+ lots per month.
You can apply for a sponsored VPS package here: https://secure.icmarkets-chn.com/Vps
With IC Markets, an account is considered hyperactive when it exceeds 5,000 server messages per day. The following messages exchanged with the MT4 server can be reason of hyperactivity:
  • “open order”
  • “close order”
  • “pending order”
  • “no money”

Please check your account and make the changes necessary to lower your server messages.
Investor password is a read-only password that you may use to build and analyse your account's portfolio. Getting an investor password is easy. Simply, open MT4 / MT5 platform.
Go to Tools, Options, Server, Select "Change". Enter current (master) password, tick "Change Investor" (read-only) password and enter your desired password.
To locate your MetaTrader 4 log files:
Start your MetaTrader 4 terminal
Go to: File -> Open Data Folder -> Logs, where you will find the log files from your MT4 Journals tab.
As platform is installed locally on your computer, we cannot influence how slow or fast it works. There might be several reasons such as:
  1. too many indicators installed and used on charts
  2. too many charts opened same time
  3. any extra software, such as EA
  4. small RAM on your PC
  5. large influx in the amount of data being received at your platform

We can advise to install a separate platform, and run the new platform without any EAs and indicators, and see if it fixes the problem. You amy contact our team who will be able to traoubleshoot the problem for you.
Free margin is the amount of funds you have available in your trading account that can be used to open more positions or cover losses of open positions. If your trades are making a profit you will see your free margin increase.
While our demo accounts reflect as accurately as possible the conditions of the real account, due to technical limitations it will never be possible to guarantee they will be identical. The demo accounts are a great tool for familiarizing yourself with the functions of the platform only.
We do offer Netting accounts on our MT5 and cTrader platforms . To request one, please reach out to us at support@icmarkets.com
Unfortunately, as both cTrader and MT4 accounts are attached to two different platfroms and work on different servers, it is not possible to use the login details of one platform over the other.
In currency trading ‘gaping’ typically occurs when the currency re-opens for trading after a weekend / rollover. Gaps are usually caused by low liquidity in the market. If these gaps occur because the chart is not uploading correctly, it is possible to retrieve the missing data by refreshing the chart.
Right click on any instrument in the 'Market Watch' section, then left click on the 'Specification' button, a new window will open that shows the Trading Hours for the instrument selected.
Please note that, different instruments have different trading hours attached to them. For detailed information, you may refer to the following link: http://www.icmarkets-chn.com/trading-hours/
Stocks are available exclusively on the IC Markets MetaTrader 5 platform. To have them added to your account, please email us at support@icmarkets.com. The MT5 trading account must be funded prior to adding the Stocks.
You receive your MT4 password when you first open your trading account. For security reasons, we recommend that you change the password when you first access your account. You may also lose or forget your password and need to reset it.
To change the password on the platform, select Tools - Options - Server Tab and then the ‘Change’ button.
Enter your current password and make sure ‘Change Master Password’ is checked.
Enter your new password, ensuring it is a minimum of five characters long and is a combination of upper and lowercase letters and digits. Confirm the password in the second box and select OK. The change was successful if no error messages appear.
If you have forgotten or lost your password you can reset it via your Secure Client Area. Sign in and select ‘Change Trading Account Password’. Enter and Confirm your new password and select Save. You will also receive an email confirming the change was successful.
The visual mode option doesn't appear in the default window. Drag and enlarge the tester window slightly; and you will be able to view the option.
To reset your cTrader ID password, please follow the steps in the below link: https://id.ctrader.com/reset
You can find full information on cTrader platform and it's features on the Spotware official website. Here is the link (https://help.ctrader.com/)
Choosing the right trading platform is an important part of your trading. There is no right or wrong platform, however, choosing the most suitable one entirely depends on the features that you are seeking as well as your own experience of the platform itself. It is always good that you test the available platforms and determine what suits you best
cTrader is a recently released retail trading platform. There are a number of features that are the same as MT4 in cTrader, however as it is a more recent platform, built by traders, there are some additional features which might help the trading community. Some of the key differences are the user interface, the advanced take profit and stop loss systems, detachable charts, varying chart time frames, live sentiment and depth of market displayed by default, ability to show units or lot sizes, readily available onscreen calculations.
MT4 is a much older platform but has a great deal of support and features available online and through the MetaQuotes. There is also a vast range of custom indicators and Expert Advisors readily available for MT4.
Resetting a account's password is a very easy process. Simply login to your secure client area and click on "Chage Trading Account password" link (https://secure.icmarkets-chn.com/Finance/AccountSummaryPage?changePassword=true) under the "Profile" section.
Set the new password and confirm the details.
Click "Save" to apply the changes.
The ‘invalid account’ error occurs when your username or password is incorrect. This can also occur if you have selected the wrong server address. Please check your account login details and try entering those manually without any spaces.
If you are get this error message at the connection status bar, please manually type the server as follows into the server box:
LiveXX.icmarkets-chn.com , where XX stands for the live server number. For example, 15 for ICMarkets-Live15. The server details can also be found under the login credential email or the platform credentials link in your secure client area.
If you cannot see all the instruments in the market watch window, simply right click your mouse in the market watch area and select ‘show all’.
Depending on the technology you are using, it is quite normal to experiencing some freezing or delays on your platform during news or other volatile periods, simply because of the influx of data being sent to your terminal. To minimise the risk of freezing it is advisable to use the fastest possible internet connection and top possible hardware specifications. Hosting your platform on a VPS instead of your local hard drive would also minimise such occurences.
To enable notifications on the platfoirm, you may use the inbuilt "Notifications" option from MT4 platform's Options window or you may also use the Alarm Manager offered by IC Markets as one of its advanced trading tool.
For the inbuilt option, please follow below steps:
  • Go to Tools
  • Click on Options
  • Switch to "Notifications" tab and update the settings as required.
In order change your trade account password, please open MT4 platform.
Go to Tools and then Options
Go to Server tab and clock on "Change" button in front of Login and Password fields.
Enter current (master) password, opt for "Change master password" and enter your desired new password.
Click "Ok" to confirm resetting the account's master password.
Platform freezing is common if there is an influx in the amount of data reaching your terminal. Make sure you’re on a dedicated high speed netwrok connection.
Platform freezing is common if there is an influx in the amount of data reaching your gterminal. Make sure you’re on a 4G data or strong WiFi, with a high inetrnet speeds
To add an EA, open MT4 and then go to ‘file’ and then ‘open data folder’. Choose ‘MQL4’, and then ‘expert advisors’ or ‘indicators’. You can then copy the file you want to add into this location. Close and reopen MT4, and you should see the item in the navigator window. If you didn’t make the EA or indicator then be sure to test it in with your demo account first.


IC Markets有两种账户类型,一种是标准账户,另一种是我们市场领先的Raw Spread账户。 IC Markets不会对标准账户收取佣金,而是将差价标记为高于我们流动性提供商提供的银行间利率0.6个点。 IC Markets Raw Spread账户显示从我们的报价提供商处收到的原始银行间差价,在此账户上我们每标准的手续费为7美元.
IC Markets支持Micro批量交易。 MetaTrader 4中的迷你手数表示为0.01,相当于1000个基本货币单位.
在全球最受欢迎的交易平台MetaTrader 4上通过互联网进行交易非常简单。下载并安装交易平台后,只需登录并双击市场观察屏幕中的工具即可。在显示的订单中输入您想要的交易量,然后点击“买入市场”或“卖出市场”,然后处理市场执行订单。只要您的交易账户中有足够的资金,MetaTrader 4平台将自动填写您的订单。您的未平仓头寸将出现在交易终端中,利润/亏损和保证金将根据价格变动实时计算.



(1.35645 x 10000)/ 400 = $ 33.91

MetaTrader 4允许设置挂单。待处理订单存储在交易服务器上,并在满足条件设置时执行.
MetaTrader 4允许在交易终端内设置追踪止损订单.
IC Markets追缴保证金水平为100%这意味着当您的权益为未平仓头寸所需保证金的100%时,您将收到追加保证金通知。权益计算为(余额+未平仓盈利/亏损).
IC Markets保证金止损水平为50%这意味着如果您的可用保证金低于50%,那么您的头寸将自动平仓。 MetaTrader 4将自动以最大的松动位置顺序关闭至最小。

保证金水平=净值/使用保证金x 100%

= 10,000 / 1,000 x 100%
= 1000%保证金水平

= 5,000 / 1,000 x 100%
= 500%的保证金水平

= 499 / 1,000 x 100%
= 49.9%的保证金水平

如果保证金水平低于智能强平水平,那么头寸将开始部分关闭直到保证金水平到达智能强平水平以上。 智能强平水平的逻辑只会从最大位置关闭绝对必要的东西,以便安全地恢复保证金水平并尽可能长时间地保护头寸本身,头寸入场点和交易账户。

MetaTrader 4具有实时持仓功能,除了任何未平仓头寸的盈利或亏损外,您还可以实时查看您的账户余额,净值,保证金和可用保证金。此信息可在平台终端部分内的交易选项卡中找到。您可以在同一区域的历史记录标签下找到您的帐户历史记录.
如果您是新客户,请单击此处打开新的模拟账户。如果您是IC Markets的现有客户,您可以在您的客户专区内开设一个额外的模拟账户.
IC Markets是ECN经纪人,不提供任何存款利息或奖金.
当您的保证金要求达到100%(止损水平)时,我们的MetaTrader 4和cTrader平台都会设置为自动平仓。此流程是自动进行的,并不保证您的帐户不会进入负资产状况。我们建议您始终在帐户中保留超出所需保证金的余额。如果达到止损水平,则触发市价订单以市场下一个可用价格平仓您的未平仓头寸。

是的,可以在不同的计算机上同时使用相同的用户名和密码登录MetaTrader 4帐户.
是的,您可以在Apple Mac上使用MetaTrader 4交易平台,但是您必须安装并行操作系统。

http:// alansforexblog。 COM / 2008/03/06 /磨合的MetaTrader -4- MT4上-MAC-OS-X /
Slippage is an inherent part of financial markets. Whether you are trading Stocks, Futures, Commodities or Forex you will be subject to slippage. When you place a market order you are requesting your order to be filled at the current markets prices however if the market has moved between the time you place your order and the time it has been filled your order may be filled at a different price. Slippage can increase when markets become volatile such as over new releases, you should keep this in mind when trading outside of normal market conditions.

Stop Loss orders when triggered enter the market as market orders, therefore their is no guarantee that your order will be filled at the price you place your stop loss.
MetaTrader 4上的图表仅反映“买入价”,“卖出”价格未显示在图表上。然而,您可以通过单击图表并选择“显示询问线”在图表上绘制“询问”行,这将导致估计“询问”价格,该价格完全基于价差。使用MetaTrader 4中提供的图表进行任何历史分析时,请记住这一点.
IC Markets MT4和cTrader交易服务器位于纽约和伦敦的NY4和LD5 IBX Equinix数据中心,为客户提供最快的执行速度。 Equinix数据中心因其安全可靠的基础设施而享誉全球.
从计算机到IC Markets交易服务器的延迟可以通过ping测试进行测试。

步骤3 :结果输出的底线将以毫秒为单位显示从计算机向服务器发送和接收数据的最小,最大和平均时间。
A market order is submitted at the current market price, however it may not necessarily execute at the price requested. The trader executes this order with a volume and price offered by the broker. You will get filled at the next best available bid/ask for the volume you are trading.
The trader may execute using a pending order if they expect the market to go up or down but don’t wish to enter until a certain price level is reached; the order will not be filled if price does not reach this level.
A pending order is broken up into six types:
  • Buy Limit
  • Sell Limit
  • Buy Stop
  • Sell Stop
  • Buy Stop Limit
  • Sell Stop Limit
An instruction from an investor to a broker to buy a certain amount of an asset. Buy orders may take various forms. For example, an investor may instruct the broker to buy immediately at the best available price, or to wait until a certain price is reached. A buy order opens at Ask Price and closes at Bid price.
An instruction from an investor to a broker to sell a certain amount of an asset. Sell orders may take various forms. For example, an investor may instruct the broker to sell immediately at the best available price, or to wait until a certain price is reached. A sell order opens at Bid Price and closes at Ask price.
Buy limit orders are placed when a trader wishes to buy, or go long below the current market price. When the market dips and touches the requested price, a buy limit order is executed. The Buy Limit order is executed if the Ask Price on the platform drops to a level that's equal to or lower than the specified buy limit price.
Sell limit orders are placed when a trader wishes to sell, or go short above the current market price. When the market rises and touches the requested price, a sell limit order is executed.The Sell Limit order is executed if the Bid Price on the platform rises to a level that's equal to or higher than the specified sell limit price.
Buy stop orders are placed when a trader wishes to buy, or go long above the current market price. The Buy Stop order is executed once the Ask price is equal to or higher than the specified "Stop" price.
Sell Stop orders are placed when a trader wishes to sell, or go short below the current market price. The Sell Stop order is executed once the Bid price is equal to or lower than the specified "Stop" price.
The stop-limit order will be executed at a specified price, or better, after a given stop price has been reached. Once the stop price is reached, the stop-limit order becomes a limit order to buy or sell at the limit price or the next best available price.
A trailing stop is a type of stop loss order attached to a trade that moves as the price fluctuates. It is designed to lock in profits or limit losses as a trade moves favorably by a certain amount of pips as set by the investor.
Key point to note is that trailing stops only move if the price moves favorably. Once it moves to lock in a profit or reduce a loss, it doesn't move back the other way.
Meta Trader 4/5 and cTrader platforms handle the hedging positions differently. On MT4/5 platform, if the account is perfectly hedged and does not require any margin, the positions will remain unaffected. However, in the case of cTrader platform, margin is required for the direction carrying higher volume and margin requirements, regardless whether the overall position of the account is perfectly hedged.
The Margin Hedge level may vary for different products. We suggest you to be fully aware of the product specifications of the instruments you are trading or intend to trade.
You are liable to pay Margin before the CFD is issued and you may be required to pay more Margin before a CFD is closed.
IC Markets Futures CFDs are set to expire on the day the contract expires on the underlying market. When a Futures CFD contract expires, all open positions will be closed at the futures settlement price; as reported by the futures exchange. This process would usually take place on the day following the expiry. Open positions are not rolled to the next front month so any clients wishing to hold long term positions must reopen the trade on the next available contract.
IC Markets does not directly offer any signal services, we have however partnered with Myfxbook to offer Autotrade. Autotrade allows you to copy strategies offered by signal providers on Myfxbook directly into your IC Markets trading account.

Alternatively, you may directly subscribe to the signals from MT4 platform.


差价合约的开仓时间反映了差价合约所依据的基础工具的市场时间。请参阅IC Markets CFD产品规格表,其中详细说明了每份差价合约的开放时间.
IC Markets不会对差价合约交易收取任何额外费用或佣金
每个差价合约的保证金率各不相同,取决​​于交易的差价合约。通常,保证金率将在0.5-1%之间变化,有关每个差价合约的保证金要求的详细信息,请参阅IC Markets CFD产品规格表。.
差价合约的交易规模最小。最低交易规模为1 CFD合约.
IC Markets差价合约价格根据相关产品的价格计算,并对公允价值进行调整。考虑到复利和股息后,公允价值等于现货价格.

Account Application

Account verification usually takes a few minutes to a couple of hours in some cases. If you haven't heard back from our account verification team yet on the current status of your account application via email, we suggest you to visit our live chat support or email us at accounts@icmarkets.com. Our team will be able to provide you an update soon.
Yes, you can. As part of our Australian anti-money laundering requirements you are required to provide us with your identification. To ensure that your account application is approved please submit the documents as outlined below.

Company Information:
1. Copy of your Companies Constitution or Articles or Incorporation
2. Company Proof of Address (Utility Bill or Bank Statement not older than 3 months)
3. Photo ID of at Least One Director
4. Proof of Residence of at Least One Director
5. LEI registration number (a unique identifier for persons that are legal entities and were created for global identification purposes.)

The following are acceptable forms of photo identification:
- Valid Passport
- Valid Government ID such as a Drivers Licence or State ID
- Valid National Identity Card
The following are acceptable forms of proof of residence:
- Utility or Phone Bill or Bank Statement

All proof of residences must be current and not older than 90 days.

If you have already provided us with your Company Information, Company Proof of Address, Directors Photo ID and Directors Proof of Residence you do not need to provide us with this information again.
Traders of Islamic faith can apply for Islamic accounts during the registration process only. If you have not selected Islamic account option and wish your account to be converted to swap free, please send an email to support@icmarkets.com for more details.
Unfortunately, as per our AML regulations,we do not accept P.O.Box details as a valid residential address.
Unfortunately, your account application might be refused should you fail to provide the requested or alternative form of documentation.
They are usually just a gimmick offered by some forex brokers as a way to lock in your profits. As a fully regulated Forex CFD provider we do believe that those are not best practices for our clients.
A document is only not accepted should it not meet the requirements. Our accounts department sends an update via email when a document is classified as not acceptable, and provides with clear instructions on the requirement that need to be met.
Account verifications normally take from a few minutes to a business day in some cases.
You can provide a bank statement or a secondary form of identification document showing your residential address.
You may find the key information about our entities and regulations here https://www.icmarkets-chn.com/en/company/entities
While we welcome clients from all over the globe, governmental restrictions along with our company policies prohibit IC Markets from opening accounts originated from the following restricted and/or OFAC sanctioned countries: https://www.icmarkets-chn.com/au/en/company/aml-policy
We allow clients to register under our ASIC and FSA regulations, however, there might be restrictions based on your country. You will be able to see the regulation applicable to your country on the registration page.
No, IC Markets does not pay interest on account balances.
IC Markets do offer joint accounts. To set up one, you and the person you'd like to share your joint account with will need to open an individual account each, if you do not have one already. You can create anindividual account here: https://www.icmarkets-chn.com/en/open-trading-account/live
Once your individual accounts are open, please send us an email at support@icmarkets.com requesting to create a joint account for you and the other participant. Please note that both parties need to agree in order to proceed with the joint application.
Yes, we do offer corporate accounts. Opening a corporate account application is easy. Simply choose the account type as "Corporate" while registering yourself here: https://www.icmarkets-chn.com/en/open-trading-account/live . To ensure that your account is approved please submit the documents as outlined below.

Company Information:
1. Copy of your Companies Constitution or Articles or Incorporation
2. Company Proof of Address
(Utility Bill or Bank Statement not older than 3 months)
3. Photo ID of at Least One Director
4. Proof of Residence of at Least One Director

The following are acceptable forms of photo identification:
Valid Passport
Valid Government ID such as a Drivers Licence or State ID
Valid National Identity Card

The following are acceptable forms of proof of residence:
Utility or Phone Bill or Bank Statement

All proof of residences must be current and not older than 90 days.

If you have already provided us with your Company Information, Company Proof of Address, Directors Photo ID and Directors Proof of Residence you do not need to provide us with this information again.
You can send us a request to change your residential address details at support@icmarkets.com including your latest residential address proof stating your name and new address information. The address document must not be older than 90 days.
We do not report or deduct any funds for taxes, however it is your own responsibility to declare any earnings to your own local tax authority.
For updating your account details such as correcting the account name, phone number, email addresss, please send us an email at support@icmarkets.com including a copy of your submitted photo identification document to confirm your identity in order to apply the changes.
Documents must be uploaded via your Secure Client Area
We charge a Commission on our Raw Spread account because you get to trade with extremely low spreads

Client Area

Accessing your secure client area is very easy. Simply follow the login instructions received via email upon your registration with us. You may also reset your secure client area password, if you have forgotten the password by clicking here: https://secure.icmarkets-chn.com/Account/LogOn?ReturnUrl=%2f%3flang%3den&lang=en#forgot_pass_form
All your trade account details can be found under the Account Details page using your client area.
You are able to create an additional demo account through your client area using the following link:
To create an additional live account, you may click here: https://secure.icmarkets-chn.com/OpenAccount/OpenRealAccount
Yes, you can. Please click on Trasfer Funds option here: https://secure.icmarkets-chn.com/Finance/TransferFunds using your client area.
No. We do not allow 3rd party transactions of any kind.
The withdrawals of your funds depends on the method you have used while depositing funds.

If you have funded your account by:
Deposit via Debit/Credit card - Withdraw back by Visa/Mastercard Direct or bank wire
Deposit via Safecharge 3D-Secure card - Withdraw deposit fund back by SafeCharge
Deposit via 3D-Secure Verified by Visa / MasterCard Securecode - Withdraw back by Visa/Mastercard Direct or bank wire
Deposit via Fasapay/Bank Transfer/Broker to Broker/Bitcoin - Withdraw by bankwire (20 AUD Bank fee)
Deposit via Neteller - Withdraw by Neteller (free of charge)
Deposit via Skrill - Withdraw by Skrill (free of charge)
Deposit via Paypal - Withdraw by Paypal (free of charge)
Deposit processing time depends on the preferred method of your choice. Here is the complete list of deposit methods we offer along with their respective processing times: https://www.icmarkets-chn.com/au/en/trading-accounts/funding
If your withdrawal request is received before 01:00 GMT (12:00 AEST) it will be reviewed on the day of receipt. If your withdrawal request is received after this time it will be posted on the following business day. Once successfully completed from our end, the funds arrival time may vary depending upon the method used. Detailed information in this regard can be found here: https://www.icmarkets-chn.com/au/en/trading-accounts/withdrawal
Yes, a number of our withdrawal methods have an instant processing time, once the withdrawal is successfully completed from our end. For more details, please visit our "How to Withdraw" page on the website here: https://www.icmarkets-chn.com/au/en/trading-accounts/withdrawal
As the banking institutions in Australia are not operational during weekends, we do not process withdrawals out of Australian business hours.
There could be a number of reason for a withdrawal request to get declined. We suggest you to check your email for the specific reason that relates to your individual account and follow the instructions prescribed in the email. For any clarifications, feel free to contact our 24/7 live chat support or reply to the email directly at accounts@icmarkets.com
A failed deposit request could be a result of insufficient funds in the depositing source, incompatible card used, restrictions implied from your financial banking institution or incorrect details being used to fund the account. You may contact your bank for more information in this regard.
We archive inactive trading accounts after a certain time period. Please note that archived accounts cannot be re-activated. A simple solution, if your account has been archived, is to create an additional trading account from your secure Client Area. If you have funds in that specific account/s, please contact our support team and we will be happy to assist you.
Unfortunately, not. You would need to reach our friendly support team to help process such requests.
You may choose to fund an existing and active trade account suing your client area to be able to create an additional trade account directly. Alternately, you may reach us our team to help with your request.
Please click: Forgot your username or password. The system will send you a temporary password to the email address you registered with us.
You can access the deposit and withdrawal transaction history using the "Transaction History" option availble under the "Finance" section of your secure client area.
To change the password for your live trading account:

1. Login to the secure client portal.
2. Select "Profile" section - > click in Change Trading account password. Here is the link: https://secure.icmarkets-chn.com/Finance/AccountSummaryPage?changePassword=true
If you forgot the password of your client area, please click Forgot your username or password
The system will send you a temporary password to the email address you registered with us. Please use the link provided in the email to login with your temporary password.
You may request to change your account's leverage using your secure client area. Here is the link: https://secure.icmarkets-chn.com/Account/ChangeLeverage
If your card is expired, you may upload a replacement card to your profile using your secure client area. If the new card has the same number as the old card then we can proceed as normal. However if the new card has a different number to the old and expired card then you must provide a letter from the bank or a bank statement that indicates that the new card is a replacement card to the old card. Once that has been provided and approved you are free to withdraw to your new card. Please send the document to accounts@icmarkets.com
All the deposits are free of any charge from our end. You may however, need to speak to your banking institution to confirm whether there is any surcharge applicable from their end in utilising their services.
IC Markets does not charge any additional fees for withdrawals. For International Bank Wire withdrawals, we pass the transfer fees charged by our banking institution. International Wire Transfer fees are approximately AUD 20 or currency equivalent, this fee is deducted from the amount of your withdrawal.
You should however be aware that you may incur fees on payments by some international banking institutions. IC Markets accepts no responsibility for any such bank fees.
No, internal transfers between your trade accounts are free of cost. You should however be aware of the conversion rate shown onscreen that is applicable for the amount transferred.
In order to delete a trade account, please contact our support team at support@icmarkets.com using your registered email address.
Should you not want to continue trading with us, you may express your interest to close your trade profile with us by emailing our support team at support@icmarkets.com. The request should come from your registered email address we have on records. It is important to note that, we do not charge any account keeping or maintenance fees, so you can always come back should you want to resume your trading in the future, where no profile closure is necessary.
If you wish to deposit via credit or debit card, for security reasons we’ll need a copy of the card. The card must be in your own name and not be past it’s expiry date.
First login to your Secure Client Area and select Transfers – Deposit Funds and then ‘Fund Now by Credit Card’
Select Add New Credit/Debit card and then enter the requested details. Upload a copy of the card and then we will approve it as quickly as possible for you. We can accept either a scanned copy or a clear photograph.
Once the card is approved, you can make instant deposits anytime.
The funds arrival time may vary depending on the withdrawal method used. You may refer here for more details: https://www.icmarkets-chn.com/au/en/trading-accounts/withdrawal
You can subscribe to Daily Market Forecast from Autochartist or Trading Central here: https://secure.icmarkets-chn.com/Autochartist. Both are free of charge.
The MT4, MT5 and cTrader download link can be found in the secure client area here https://secure.icmarkets-chn.com/Downloads
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